Coronavirus: Poems Collection

As part of the their assignments during the Movement Control Order (MCO), students were given the task to create coronavirus-themed poems. Some of the teachers also contributed their own poems. Here are the poems collection:

by Aadilah Ally Buckus (Year 10)

She was tired
Her children were dying
Her provisions, wasted
She begged for a break

We ignored the floods and fires
We refused to accept the consequences of our actions
Blinded by greed, we created more wars
Saving our home became our last priority

But then it was born
And the world froze in fear
Survival is now above materialistic things
It has weakened us, just as we’ve done to the Earth

Now, skies are free from the filth spewed by factories
The waters have cleared to reveal dolphins in the canals of Venice
How could such havoc result in such beauty?

by Ms Annie Sylvia (English teacher)

by Chan Yan Au (Year 10)

Being a volunteer is not easy
A sea of enthusiasm is required
Rushing, Hurrying and Doing unnecessary job without any benefit
Working in a unsafe condition

by Chen Xuan (Year 7)

by Chew Jia Hui (Year 10)

Doctors and nurses,
Policemen and policewomen,
Grocers and delivery workers,
Who work hard during for this virus,
You are all our super heroes!

Kind and brave,
Persistence and determination,
Enthusiastic and helpful,
We are great to have you,
You are all our unsung heroes!

The World Must Start Again by Ms Katherine Beadle (Deputy Principal)

It’s hard for any of us to say,
We could have imagined this horrible day
In a World that exists, not like we know it
That a virus could kill all, not just the unfit.
In this lock-down, we have time to ponder,
To look at this World with hope and wonder.
Can we all gain something from this strife?
To build together a happier life?
Where we don’t take each other and our lives for granted,
That we appreciate and love all God has planted.
To remember we are just passing through
And this is an opportunity to start anew.
To be patient and kind and there for each other,
To treat everyone as our Sister and Brother
I hope one day soon we will rise from this mess
And to each of you, I wish you God Bless.

by Divashni (Year 1)

by Chew Jia Wern (Year 10)

by Nuur Syahiirah (Year 10)

by Rithick Kumar (Year 8)

by Cikgu Norfazilatun (Malay Language teacher)

by Lee Yin Ze (Year 7)

by Liew Yu Kang (Year 7)

by Lingagubetaran (Year 7)

by Vaikankarayan (Year 1)

by Pugal (Year 1)