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Fee Structure

Application Fee: RM300
Registration Fee: RM2,500
Deposit: 1 Term Deposit (the deposit to be topped up as the child progresses)
Technology Fee: RM300 per Term

Term Tuition Payments:
Credit Card + Interest Free Instalments available upon request.

*Our fees and terms and conditions are reviewed annually and any changes will be published to the parent body via the school’s communication portal.
**Founding Fees are only applicable to the first 400 students who enrol in the school.

Annual Fee Discount
A discount of five percent (5%) is applicable for advance payment of the full amount of the total annual tuition fee. This discount is only applicable to students enrolled for the entire academic year.

Mid-term Enrolment
Students may apply at any time of year following the normal application procedures. Sometimes students may need mid-year admittance. In such cases, we will admit the students if they have passed the required CAT4 tests, submitted completed applications and if places are available. If places become vacant during the year, we will identify and contact parents on the waiting list.

Additional fees
Our fees exclude:

  • Meal plan, textbooks, and uniforms
  • Special programmes or support
  • External exam fees
  • Transport

For further enquiries about our school fees or fees breakdown, kindly contact us or send us an enquiry.

Enrolment Promotions

Imperial International School, Ipoh is currently having enrolment promotions for January 2020 intake.

Application Fee Rebate
The RM300 Application Fee that student paid prior to the assessment shall be rebated off the Term Fee once student accept our offer of enrolment. By accept means, they have fully paid the Registration Fee and One (1) term deposit.

Registration Fee Discount
50% discount of the Registration Fee (RM2,500) for students who sign up for January 2020 intake. By sign up means, they agree to submit the Student Application Form together with all required documents, paid the Application Fee of RM300 and eventually sit for the assessment for January 2020 intake. Therefore, they are entitled to Registration Fee of RM1,250 only.

One Registration Fee per Family
Parents who enrol more than one (1) child will only have to pay one Registration Fee.

Lost Deposit Compensation
Students from other private or international schools who lost their deposit because of their immediate withdrawals in order to enrol to Imperial International School Ipoh this January 2020 intake, are entitled to the Lost Deposit Compensation. The school will compensate whatever amount of the deposit that being forfeited in terms of Term Fee discounts. The total compensation will be evenly distributed into minimum of three (3) terms.

*terms and conditions apply

How to Apply

We welcome children of all nationalities whose families are committed to an international educational curriculum in English. Imperial International School Ipoh is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and looks to admit candidates whom we believe will contribute to and benefit from the curriculum offered and that his/her admission will support the education of existing students.

The admission of a child to Imperial International School Ipoh is at the absolute discretion of the School based on the child’s ability to access the curriculum with the resources and support the school is able to provide.

Applications for admission are accepted throughout the year. Families are however, strongly encouraged to commence school at the beginning of a semester. However, the placement of the student is subject to the availability of space in the required year group. Families seeking admission for their child or children should make initial contact with the Admissions Office.

Admission to Imperial International School Ipoh is based on the actual date of birth of the student as below:

Imperial International School Ipoh uses CAT4 online tests as the Admission Test. The CAT4 tests involve thinking about shapes and patterns (Non-Verbal Reasoning), words (Verbal Reasoning), numbers (Quantitative Reasoning). Students may be invited in to the school for a trial class or an interview session and/or asked to provide further evidence of their aptitude in such areas as English Language before a final decision is made. Students will sit the test applicable to the year group appropriate for their age.

If you wish to apply for admission via online, please click HERE.
Alternatively, application for admission can be done manually through the steps below.

Our step-by-step registration process

  1. Download the form here: IIS – Application For Admission Form-2019/20
  2. Submit the completed form together with following documents:
    • Admission form, completed and signed
    • 2 recent passport-sized photos of the child
    • 1 recent passport-sized photo of each parent/carer
    • 1 copy of each parent’s IC or passport (photo page and visa page)
    • 1 copy of the child’s birth certificate
    • 1 copy of the child’s MyKid/MyKad (Malaysian only)
    • 1 copy of the child’s current (or latest) school report
    • 1 copy of vaccination records and all health records
    • 1 copy of any reports regarding your child (i.e. schooling, etc.)
  3. Pay the application fee of RM300.00. This fee is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-deductible.
  4. The Admission Office will process the application and arrange the assessment session for the child.

Please note that a completed application submission does not guarantee your child a place at our school.

Admission into Imperial International School Ipoh and placement in classes, providing space is available, is based on successful completion of all application procedures, submission of required documentation and successful completion of an admissions test (appropriate to the year/form level).

Parents will need to attach the application fee upon filling the Application for Admission Form and to schedule a mutually consented assessment date and time.

After assessment (with the approval of the School Principal), parents will be informed of the school’s decision to offer a place at Imperial International School Ipoh; a letter of offer and the acceptance form will be issued to parents.

Having been given an offer of a place, the family should confirm acceptance and pay the Registration Fee, Deposit (interest free) and the Term Fees due. Upon receipt the student’s place will be secured.

Imperial International School Ipoh respects your privacy and that of your child. Any personal data collected in this form will be processed, used and stored in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (‘PDPA’).

Payment Details

Payable To: Imperial Education (Ipoh) Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Peninsula Education (Ipoh) Sdn. Bhd.)
Company No.: 668606-P
Tel No: 03-62047788
Fax No: 03-78769755
Bank A/C: 8010026304
Banker: CIMB Bank Berhad
Bank Address: Ground Floor, 62, Jalan SS2/60, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Branch: SS2 PJ


  • Fees DO NOT include books and uniform.
  • To pay the school term fees and other fees, which are invoiced termly, upon the commencement of the School term (there are 3 terms in an academic year).
  • The School reserves the right to impose a late payment charge of 5% per annum on all outstanding fees which have not been paid by the 15th day from the commencement of the School term. The School reserves the right to refuse entry to any student and/or treat this contract as terminated without prior notice to the Parents / Legal Guardians for non-payment of fees.
  • Parents/guardians are to give, in writing, at least one term’s notice BEFORE the student leaves the school. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the deposit.
  • Deposit is to be topped up yearly according to student’s year of study.
  • Payments are to be made by cash/cheque/online transfer payable to ‘IMPERIAL EDUCATION (IPOH) SDN BHD’.
  • Payment by cash, cheque (excluding post-dated cheques) & telegraphic transfers within 15 days of the academic term will be eligible to the above rebate. Rebate is solely for payment of the current term fee only.
  • Credit card payment will be accepted.
  • Partial payment/instalments are not eligible for the rebate.
  • Rebates are not valid in conjunction with other promotions.


Imperial International School Ipoh offers Post-UPSR Scholarship 2020 to deserving, high-achieving Standard 6 students who aspire to study secondary level in Imperial International School Ipoh (Year 7 or Year 8) in 2020. It is a fee-reduction scholarship consisting of discounts off the tuition fee up to 75% based on the actual (or trial) Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) 2019 examination results.

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Be registered as a student at a recognised school and be no less than one term away from completion of their UPSR 2019.
  • Able to provide certified UPSR 2019 result slips; trial exam results are also accepted.
  • Demonstrate exemplary academic achievement.
  • Possess a willingness to contribute to all aspects of school life.
  • Possess good communication skills and leadership attributes.

Application Procedure

  • Complete the scholarship application form. The form can be downloaded HERE.
  • Personal statement – summarise why you should be awarded a scholarship to study at Imperial International School Ipoh (minimum 500 words)
  • Compile a copy of all supporting documents listed below:
    • UPSR 2019 actual or trial results which have been verified by the school.
    • Copy of Awards and Certificates of academic and co-curricular achievements.
    • Reference letter from a teacher at current school, highlighting academic and co-curricular achievements in school.
  • Please submit the completed application form, personal statement and supporting documents via email to Kindly compile and scan ALL documents into one (1) PDF document. We will not accept incomplete application.
  • Attend for an entry assessment session and scholarship panel interview session.
  • The decision of the committee is final. No appeal will be entertained.

General Conditions of Scholarship

  • All scholarship applications close on 30 September 2019.
  • Scholarship tuition fee waiver is only valid for year 2020, continuation of scholarship is subject to overall academic performance of student in every following academic year.
  • Scholarship holders and their parents will act as ambassadors for the school.
  • If the first stage of your application is successful, you will be invited to the school for an interview and to complete the school’s admission assessments.

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Faculty Profile

Academic Staff

Cheng Hon Keong

Chemistry Teacher

Mr Cheng Hon Keong has a passion for teaching. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Science (Hons) Biotechnology and a Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning (CICTL). He has 10 years of teaching experience in the Malaysian National Syllabus and Cambridge International Syllabus. Biology and Chemistry are his forte.

He was appointed as the Head of Science Department and eventually the Vice Principal of Student Affairs in his previous school. During his tenure, he has developed counselling skills which has been a great value in nurturing young lives. He believes in lending a listening ear to students in order to walk alongside them to improve as a person.

Mr Cheng is convinced that students learn best in social settings when they have fun and engaged in practical, real life activities. Consequently, these activities help build self-esteem, instill character and encourage a global outlook in every student.

Faculty Profile

Management & Operations Staff


Science Lab Assistant

Miisha completed her bachelor degree in Applied Chemistry with honours from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), majoring in Nanotechnology. She has previous experience as a laboratory and research assistant in Camfil Malaysia.